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Thank you for visiting Physlim: Physician Guided Weight Loss and Wellness. We are so glad you’re here!

Physlim: Physician Guided Weight Loss and Wellness Center is a multi-faceted physician guided program focused not only on losing weight, but also on nutrition and emotional well-being.  Our program will evaluate your specific needs and custom tailor a program that will work for you.

PhySlim recognizes that many of us live “on the go” lifestyles, and aren’t preparing three meals from scratch each day.  We will arm you with the tools you need to make good choices at home or when eating out.  Our goal is help you find an eating regimen that is sustainable throughout your life, and not just some fad diet.

PhySlim believes that utilizing technology to assist you in your daily regimen is imperative for success.  There are many free Apps for your phone and blogs on nutrition and exercise that we will share to help you with tracking your caloric intake and encouragement to keep you on track.  We also have online scheduling and many of our supplemental products available through this website to make it more convenient for you.

Our modern medical office and friendly staff will make you feel comfortable throughout your visit.  We are conveniently located on Lower Fayetteville Road in the Cates Crossing right next to Interstate 85 overpass.  We thank you for viewing our website and look forward to partnering with you to achieve your health and weight loss goals.