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Physlim: Physician Guided Weight Loss and Wellness Center is a multi-faceted physician guided program focused not only on losing weight, but also on nutrition and emotional well-being. Our program will evaluate your specific needs and custom tailor a program that will work for you.

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PhySlim is a Multi-faceted facility.  Not only will our certified providers investigate the root of our patients weight gain and fatigue, they will also work to deliver maintainable results.  We believe overall wellness is possible through personalized nutritional guides, hormone monitoring, and being easily accessible to answer any questions.

PhySlim recognizes that many of us live “on the go” lifestyles, and aren’t preparing three meals from scratch each day.  We will arm you with the tools you need to make good choices at home or when eating out.  Our goal is help you find an eating regimen that is sustainable throughout your life, and not just some fad diet.
PhySlim: Physician Guided Weight Loss and Wellness believes that utilizing technology to assist you in your daily regimen is imperative for success.  There are many free Apps for your phone and blogs on nutrition and exercise that we will share to help you with tracking your caloric intake and encouragement to keep you on track.  We also have online scheduling and many of our supplemental products available through this website to make it more convenient for you. Our modern medical office and friendly staff will make you feel comfortable throughout your visit.
PhySlim is conveniently located by Greison Storage Mart.  We thank you for viewing our website and look forward to partnering with you to achieve your health and weight loss goals.

We can help you get thin and healthy with dramatic weight loss.

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The precision of our individualized program will help to shape and modify your behaviors and eating habits to fit your lifestyle.

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Proudly serving the Newnan, Fayetteville, Peachtree City, Hapeville, Sharpsburg, Tyrone, Senoia, Moreland, Grantville and Palmetto areas.

What Our Customers Have to Say…

Like most people I had tried every diet or diet pill on the market. I would lose a little weight but the yoyo back up and end up heavier then I was when I started. Then I came across Physlim online one night and decided I needed to try something new.

After my first visit I was set and ready to go. I had my daily calorie goal, protein goal, my medication, a list of supplements and vitamins and some workout tips. I was excited and optimistic for the first time.

I downloaded the my fitness pal app on my phone and started learning how to use the app. I started logging anything I put in my mouth. I logged everything from my protein bar down to the eight jellybeans I ate on Easter day. I found that by logging everything I ate I started eating more healthy food. Simply because I could eat more.

The protein goal has been my biggest struggle. Even on the days were I was really trying to push for the high protein goal I was falling 40 grams or more short. With suggestions and tips from the wonderful staff I was able to find protein shakes and bars that i really enjoyed and helped me reach my goal each day.

I have always hated working out. Always making an excuse or putting it off until it was too late. I knew I needed to change the way I thought about my workouts for me to be successful. I started making my workout a priority. I started planning my days around my workouts. The first few weeks were hard but then I started enjoying the workouts. Now they are part of what I call “my time”. Time I get to focus just on me and not worry about anything else going on around me. Now I find I feel like something is missing when I do not workout.

I get my b12 shot every week. I find it gives me that extra boost of energy I need.

By logging everything I eat on the my fitness pal, staying at my calorie goal and by making my workouts my priority I have been very successful in my weight loss. Every check in i am down in my weight and body fat. I am now at a weight and clothing size I have not been in since high school.

I am so glad I found Physlim. The staff is wonderful. They have been so supportive and helpful. If you follow the plan, you will get the results you are looking for.

Shanon Heaton