He who fails to plan is planning to fail. 

Winston Churchill

Weight Loss and Wellness Programs in Newnan Georgia

To achieve your goals, you must devise a plan.

PhySlim uses the latest technology to come up with a program that is right for you. It might seem surprising but weight is not the best indicator of a person’s overall health. Two people with the same height and weight could have very different body compositions. Our state of the art scale from Valhalla Scientific gives full body composition reports which measures percentage of fat, muscle and bones in your body. This will also help you to better measure your true results throughout the journey. As you begin an exercise regimen and start to drink more water, your body will begin to change as muscle weighs more than fat and water mass can mask true results if you’re focused only on pounds. Monthly weigh-ins on the scale will provide you with multiple points of data regarding your composition that will help you to set goals and track your success.

Our weight Loss and wellness programs center around a weight loss plan that includes but is not limited to counting calories, finding an exercise program that is right for you, and being mindful of your emotional state of being.  How are you supposed to do all of that in addition to your daily grind?  PhySlim has got the plan for you!  Our modern day approach will analyze your daily regimen, physical activity, and stressors.  We will then compile a plan that fits your lifestyle.

You will be counseled by a certified physician or physician assistant whose main focus is to help you take the weight off and keep it off.  Your initial visit will include a thorough examination of your medical history.  We will obtain your vital signs, weight, measurements, do blood work, and you will receive a B-12 injection. PhySlim prescribes FDA approved weight loss medications.  Some patients will require an EKG if the physician feels it medically necessary based on health factors such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and cardiovascular disease.   We have several nutritional supplements and injections which the doctor may recommend for your program to optimize results.

Don’t need to lose any weight, but have concerns about your nutrition and/or suffer from low energy levels?  Our doctor can help you as well.  Our scope is broader than just your caloric intake. We want to make sure that you’re getting the necessary nutrients that most American’s diets lack. Let us help you too!