At PhySlim, all our medically assisted programs ensure personalized action plans with ongoing support every step of the way. We target and address your hormonal balance, weight, diet, and aesthetics through unique personalized health plans.

We accept all HSA Cards, Flex Spending Accounts, Care Credit, and all credit and debit cards. 

Weight Loss Services

Our medical weight loss programs are always supervised by our team of healthcare professionals. We will constantly monitor your progress and adjust the program depending on your personalized needs.

Initial Visit: $160


*Monthly follow-up pricing varies. Does not include the cost of medication.

Lipotropic/B12 Injection: $18

Burns fat faster and promotes overall wellness with a combination of vitamins, amino acids, and enzymes. 

Vitamin B12 Injection: $5

Assists with fatigue and adds naturally occurring energy.

Semaglutide Injections: $50-$85 per injection, depending on dosage

Accelerates weight loss results by suppressing appetite and slowing the emptying of the stomach. Prices listed are per injection and require an initial New Patient appointment and monthly follow-up visits. 

Tirzepatide: $80-$215 per injection, depending on dosage

Helps suppress appetite and extend the satiation feeling, leading to faster and more effective weight loss results. Prices listed are per injection and require an initial New Patient appointment and monthly follow-up visits. 

Hormone Optimization

Our Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) is a revolutionary treatment that helps replicate the molecular structure of your hormones, alleviating the common symptoms of hormone imbalances.

Initial Hormone Panel: $250

Our specialist reviews your lab panel and identifies any opportunity for hormone optimization. If it is determined that you will benefit from BHRT, a personalized treatment plan is developed. 

Facial Aesthetics

We provide a wide range of procedures that help counter the effects of aging, such as the application of Botox and Dysport:

Botox: $12 Per Unit

Botox consultation is free.

Dysport: $11 Per Unit

Dysport consultation is free.

Xeomin: $9 Per Unit

Xeomin consultation is free. 

Get Started On Your Wellness Journey Today

With access to medically assisted health plans, personalized care, and prescription medication, PhySlim guarantees effective wellness results without ever compromising your health.

To schedule your consultation, book an appointment online or contact any of our locations in Newnan North, Newnan South, and Tallahassee.

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