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Our unique health-first approach to weight loss offers the support you need to achieve the very best version of yourself. With access to personalized wellness programs, nutritional education, and prescription medication, we guarantee effective results without ever compromising your health.  

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Why Choose PhySlim

At PhySlim, our weight loss plans focus on offering a comprehensive approach to your health. Our personalized plans address various aspects of your life, including lifestyle habits, meal plans, emotional health, and more. In addition to providing support and guidance, we also offer access to prescription medication and hormone replacement therapy to further enhance your weight loss journey. 

We do not fixate only on size reduction– we encourage you to adopt habits and changes that will lead to a lifelong journey of prioritizing your health. Beyond the numbers on the scale, Dr. Spurlock and his experienced team will help you achieve your health goals without ever missing out on life. 

Discover a unique approach to wellness with our health-first approach program, where you’ll have access to unwavering support, nutritional education, prescription medication, and counseling as needed. 

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Dr. Rick Spurlock

Dr. Rick Spurlock is the Medical Director of PhySlim. In addition to his specialization in weight loss, Dr. Spurlock boasts two decades of experience as an Emergency Medicine Physician.

He is focused on weight loss with a keen interest in nutrition.

For him, becoming a weight loss MD has been a journey that has brought immense professional and personal satisfaction. He often shares that his patients’ happiness “makes every day awesome and rewarding!”

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At PhySlim, we understand that no weight loss journey is the same. Our medically assisted and physician-guided programs ensure personalized action plans with ongoing support every step of the way.

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