Weight Loss and Wellness Programs

Our medical weight loss programs are always supervised by our team of healthcare professionals who can monitor your progress and adjust the program depending on your personalized needs.

Your weight loss program will start with a thorough documentation of your weight and physical health. We will examine your vitals, take blood samples for testing, look at your body measurements, and perform a full-body scan. 

We not only aim to help you lose and maintain your weight but also help you improve your health and quality of life.  

Prescription Weight Loss Medications

At PhySlim, our health programs use medically supervised and FDA-approved prescription weight loss medications. Our combination of nutritional education, meal plans, medication, and supplements ensures you remain constant in your weight loss journey without ever compromising your health. 

Some of the weight loss prescription medications we provide include injections such as Semaglutide, Tirzepatide, and Phentermine. These help manage your weight by controlling your blood sugar and offering an effective method to block out your appetite, leading to faster and better results.  

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Personalized Diet Plan

Understanding that every weight loss journey is unique, we offer custom diet and exercise plans. These plans are developed to align with your personal goals, dietary preferences, and lifestyle, ensuring a balanced and enjoyable weight-loss path.

Our team works closely with you to create a meal plan that not only aids in weight loss but also caters to your taste preferences and nutritional requirements. 

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B12 and Lipotropic Injections

Vitamin B-12 and lipotropic injections help boost your energy levels and metabolism to give you a head start on your weight loss program. After our counselors have developed a tailored plan for you, we will continue by administering these supplements designed to help you achieve optimal results. 

B-12 and lipotropic injections are most effective when combined with a comprehensive weight loss plan. Their benefits help you continue with your diet, exercising, and overall weight loss plan with much more ease and motivation. 

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Body Composition Analysis

A body composition analysis provides a detailed breakdown of your weight, skeletal muscle mass, body fat, and body water. It comprehensively measures these components and generates an integrated report, allowing us to track changes in your body composition and health over time. 

At PhySlim, we use cutting-edge technology to tailor your weight loss treatment plan to your specific needs and goals. 

Our InBody 370 analyzer is a body composition device that helps develop a thorough scan of your body. It accurately retrieves valuable information about your body’s composition and provides us with a precise snapshot of your current health state. 

This enables us to clearly determine the beginning stage of your weight loss process and the best steps to achieve your goals. 

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Vitamins and Supplements

Vitamins and supplements help complement your diet by filling nutritional gaps and enhancing the amount of essential minerals your body receives. These are taken as pills, capsules, tablets, powders, or tonics and can be taken for individual benefits or as part of a comprehensive health plan. 

Some of the benefits offered by vitamins and supplements include:

  • Endocrine (hormone) support
  • Immune support
  • Energy and vitality
  • Memory and cognition enhancement
  • Metabolism support
  • Nerve and blood cell health

At PhySlim, we design customized weight loss and wellness plans that help you achieve your goals while prioritizing your health. Our goal is to provide you with the right gear to optimize your quality of life. 

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Medically Assisted Weight Loss in Georgia and Florida

At PhySlim, we understand that no weight loss journey is the same. Our medically assisted programs and health-first approach ensure personalized action plans with ongoing support every step of the way.

To schedule your consultation, book an appointment online or contact any of our locations in Newnan North, Newnan South, and Tallahassee.

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