Why Choose PhySlim

At PhySlim, our weight loss plans focus on offering a comprehensive approach to your health. Our personalized plans address various aspects of your life, including lifestyle habits, meal plans, emotional health, and more. 

In addition to providing support and guidance, we also offer access to prescription medication and hormone replacement therapy to enhance your weight loss journey further. 

We do not fixate only on size reduction– we encourage you to adopt habits and changes that will lead to a lifelong journey of prioritizing your health. Beyond the numbers on the scale, Dr. Spurlock and his experienced team will help you achieve your health goals without ever missing out on life. 

Discover a unique approach to wellness with our health-first approach program, where you’ll have access to unwavering support, nutritional education, prescription medication, and counseling as needed. 

Health-First Approach

Our health-first approach offers a compassionate perspective on weight loss, prioritizing health over size reduction. We understand that living a life of wellness means embracing not only an appropriate weight but also adopting:

  • A balanced diet full of fiber and nutrients
  • Physical exercise that promotes cardiovascular fitness
  • A positive relationship with food
  • Optimal mental health

Gradually integrating these fundamental changes into your routine without a restrictive approach will foster sustainable achievements instead of dangerous rebounds.  

Nutritional Education

We believe well-informed patients make the best health decisions for their lives. Our goal is to offer reliable medical guidance while supplying you with the right tools and information to tackle any issues that may arise during your weight loss journey. 

During your appointments, Dr. Spurlock and his team will empower you with knowledge and guidance to ensure you are able to handle all the challenges of living a life of fitness with confidence.  

Continuous Support

Keeping consistent is one of the most challenging quests when beginning a weight loss program. Our monthly follow-up appointments and progress check-ins will make sure to gear you up with the needed motivation and accountability to achieve your goals. 

In these sessions, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss any questions you may have with Dr. Spurlock, including any modifications you’d like to integrate into your plan. 

Having these appointments also helps us measure your progress with precision. Additionally, you can always share your concerns and track your achievements in the apps we will share with you during your first consultation. 

Weight Loss, Wellness Programs, & More

Unlike quick fixes or diets, our medical weight loss program is overseen by our team of healthcare professionals who can monitor progress, manage potential side effects, and adjust the program based on your individual needs. 

Personalized Weight Loss Plans

After your initial consultation at PhySlim, we will perform a full inbody scan. This type of scan is a non-invasive body composition analysis that provides a detailed breakdown of your weight, skeletal muscle mass, body fat, and body water. It measures these metrics and generates a comprehensive report, allowing you to track changes in your body composition over time

This will help us when we discuss your goals and our weight loss action plan to achieve them. We will entirely modify it to cater to your specific needs, medical history, and co-occurring conditions. 

Access to Weight Loss Medications & Supplements

We believe in a safe and healthy weight loss approach, which is why our team only prescribes FDA-approved medications throughout your weight loss program. 

Our combination of personalized meal plans, medication, and supplements will make sure you remain constant in your journey without compromising your health. 

Access to Hormone Replacement Therapy

Our bioidentical hormone replacement therapy uses human-made hormones that mimic the molecular structure of what is found in the human body. These are made from natural sources and offer an effective solution to hormonal imbalances. 

Access to Facial Aesthetics Procedures

Whether you want to enhance your health through our weight loss plans or seek a solution for fine lines and wrinkles, our team will help you achieve your best appearance. Our cutting-edge aesthetic procedures involve the medically assisted application of Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin. 

A Comprehensive Approach to Wellness: Counseling & Mental Health

Troubling circumstances can sometimes spark complex emotions and mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, and stress. As you navigate through these feelings, it may be tempting to dwell on the pain and use food as a shelter or coping mechanism. 

At PhySlim, we recognize how embarking on a weight loss journey without proper support can lead to harmful outcomes, often resulting in health neglect in order to achieve a smaller size. 

Our comprehensive approach to weight loss also encompasses emotional health, helping you identify the root cause of unhealthy habits like binge eating or sedentarism. 

By working with our medical professionals, you’ll learn to find coping strategies that not only benefit your physical health but also your mental wellness.

Medically Assisted Weight Loss in Georgia and Florida

At PhySlim, we understand that no weight loss journey is the same. Our medically assisted programs ensure personalized action plans with ongoing support every step of the way.

To schedule your consultation, book an appointment online or contact any of our locations in Newnan North, Newnan South, and Tallahassee.

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