Dr. Rick Spurlock

Dr. Rick Spurlock is the Medical Director of PhySlim. In addition to his specialization in weight loss, Dr. Spurlock boasts two decades of experience as an Emergency Medicine Physician.

He is focused on weight loss with a keen interest in nutrition.

For him, becoming a weight loss MD has been a journey that has brought immense professional and personal satisfaction. He often shares that his patients’ happiness “makes every day awesome and rewarding!”

Dr. Spurlock completed medical school at the University of Miami and spent his residency years training at Emory University, which included extensive training at Grady Hospital.

He has also worked at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Charity Hospital in New Orleans, Crawford Long (now Emory Midtown), Egleston and Hugh Spalding Children Hospitals, and Shands Hospital in Gainesville, FL.

Dr. Spurlock’s deep commitment to serving his community has led him to provide expert quality care to vulnerable populations on countless occasions. Over 20 times, he has traveled to Haiti to help deliver medical and surgical care to rural areas, including just after the devastating earthquake in 2010. 

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Dr. Spurlock's outstanding medical expertise has always been driven by a passion for restoring his patients’ quality of life. He and his team will make sure to provide unwavering support throughout your weight loss and wellness journey.

With access to emotional support, nutritional education, and prescription medication, PhySlim guarantees effective results without ever compromising your health.

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